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Welcome to Advance Coupon Promotions

Advance Coupon Promotions provides coupon clearinghouse services and coupon redemption processing to Manufacturers and Retailers. We are coupon professionals with 35 years of experience in the coupon industry, and can deliver comprehensive, personalized coupon services and coupon programs for your business, regardless of its size.

Whether your business is brand new to coupon promotions, or looking to take an existing coupon program to the next level, call Advance Coupon Promotions and speak with one of our knowledgeable Coupon Service Advisers. Learn more about coupon redemption processing, our coupon clearinghouse and redemption services, and how a coupon program can benefit your business.

Coupon Redemption Services

Your Coupon Partner for All Your Coupon Needs

We deliver comprehensive, personalized coupon services and coupon programs for your business, regardless of its size.

Manufacturer Services

Manufacturer Services

Build your brand’s awareness and reach new customers through coupon programs customized specifically for your products and marketing goals, regardless of your business size.


Retailer Services

Retailer Services

Get hassle-free, accurate, and reliable coupon clearinghouse and redemption services for your retail requirements.


Rebate & Fulfillment

Rebate & Fulfillment

Our Rebate/Fulfillment Management Services supports your consumer promotions with claim processing, validation, data collection and the best customer service.


Are your coupon promotions out of control?

Let Advance Coupon Promotions provide you with easy implementation, price controls and exceptional customer service. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

From Coupon Design to Coupon Redemption…

We handle all your coupon services including Special Coupon Start-up Programs for Smaller Manufacturers.

Call 800.257.4165 today to speak with your friendly Coupon Service Adviser and get started promoting your brand with the power of coupons.

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What Our Clients Say About Us…

It’s been a pleasure working with Advance Coupon Promotions. They know the coupon business inside and out and are a valuable part of our team. We highly recommend them!

Advance Coupon Promotions made it easy for us to start our coupon program. They handled everything from start to finish and provided superior customer service every step of the way!

In a day when customer service doesn’t begin to measure up to what it used to be, it is nice to find an organization that practices what customer service should be. Thank you for your excellent service.

My Advance Coupon adviser was very responsive to my needs and provided prompt service. Hearing a friendly voice pick up the line is much appreciated – no endless phone menus to deal with!